"Man is a robot with defects" (Emil Cioran)



My name is Ovidiu Șerban (pronounced [ʃerban]). I'm currently a Researcher Associate at Institute for Security Science and Technology, Imperial College London, UK .

Previously, I worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher Associate at Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK and as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory (ISR), University of Reading, UK and PhD Student at LITIS, INSA de Rouen, France and Computer Science Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, "Babeș-Bolyai" University (UBB, in Romanian), Romania.

My work includes projects on AC (Affective Computing), NLP (Natural Language Processing) and IS (Interactive Systems). I like robotics (I often moderate the Intelligent Robots Group at UBB) and CBD (Component-Based Design).





PhD Thesis

  1. O. Șerban. Detection and integration of affective feedback into distributed interactive systems, INSA de Rouen (France) and "Babeș-Bolyai" University (Romania), 2013.


  1. O. Șerban. Syn!bad: A Synonym-Based Regular Expression Extension For Knowledge Extraction Tasks, Studia Universitatis "Babeș-Bolyai", Series Informatica, Volume LIX, Number 1 (June 2014), pages 5 - 15, 2014.
  2. O. Șerban, A. Bersoult, Z. Alès, E. Lebertois, É. Chanoni, F. Rioult and A. Pauchet. Modélisation de dialogues pour personnage virtuel narrateur, Revue d'intelligence artificielle, Lavoisier, Number 1/2014, Vol. 28, pages 99 - 128, 2014.
  3. O. Șerban, A. Pauchet, A. Rogozan, and J-P. Pécuchet. DDMCE: a Dynamic Distributable Maximal Clique Algorithm, Special Issue of International Journal of Social Network Mining. 2013.

Technical Reports

  1. Juan M. Tirado, Ovidiu Șerban, Qiang Guo, Eiko Yoneki. Web data knowledge extraction, UCAM-CL-TR-881, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK, March 2016



  1. W. Boisseleau, O. Șerban and A. Pauchet. Building a Narrative Conversational Agent using a Component-based Architecture, AAMAS 2014 DEMO Track, 2 pages, 2013. (to appear)
  2. O. Șerban and A. Pauchet. OAK: The Online Annotation Kit, Proceedings of the WACAI 2012 - Workshop Affect, Compagnon Artificiel, Interaction, 2 pages, 2012.

Presentations and Seminars

  1. Presentation "From building an interactive platform with rich, fast and reliable feedback channels to ... AgentSlang" at "GT-ACAI", Paris, France; June 2013
  2. Presentation "Detection of emotions in short texts" at "Journée des Doctorants (JDD) SPMII"; June 2012
  3. Presentation "Detection of emotions in texts" at "Journée des Doctorants (JDD) LITIS"; June 2012
  4. Seminar entitled "Detection of emotions in short texts" at "1st 1/2 Journée Emotion", Le Havre, France ; February 2012

Summer Schools

  1. 14th European Agent Systems Summer School, 2012, Valencia, Spain.
    Participation scholarship from the European Association of Multi-Agent Systems (EURAMAS)
    Main topics: Agent-oriented and multi-agent systems
  2. The 2011 IEEE / WIC / ACM International Conferences on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, Lyon, France
    Main topics: Web Intelligence, Agent-oriented systems
  3. Eurolan 2005 Summer School. Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
    Main topics:
    Natural language processing, Machine Translation


  1. O. Șerban, Adding affective states to contextonyms, International Workshop on Voice and Speech Processing in Social Interactions, Glasgow, UK, 2011



If you wish to contact me, please send me an e-mail at: ovidiu { a t } roboslang {d o t} org.

My work address is:

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